Special Edition

Here you can see all my special editions that I have already published. I made the special editions because they can be nice presents for Santa Claus, for the Christ Child, for birthday or for the Easter Bunny. Also simply once like that, because small gifts are always beautiful. And a special edition is nicer to give away as a present than a part in between. But that doesn’t mean that the person receiving the gift can’t read all my diaries.

But in my special editions you can see and read how I wait for Santa Claus and the Christ Child. Yes, they come to me, too, because I’m always so good. And you can see how I celebrate birthday or Halloween, how I clean windows and how I do big laundry. But also how I get Fanpostkistl. Nice, right?





Rascal does the housework




Rascals postal








Santa Claus













Do you like my special editions? I also have postcards and mugs. Not every special edition, but I can make one for you if you like. If you want a different card than the one I already have, then write me and I’ll make it for you. I can also make a cup. Look at my gift articles. Then you can give me the matching mug and card for the book. But you don’t have to search. For my mugs you can come HERE and for my postcards you can come HERE. It’s nice of me to create the link for you, right?

So, now I don’t know what else I can say about my special editions. But I also think that’s enough and you have understood everything.

You have understood it, right?

So if you do not understand something, then just write to me, then I’ll explain it to you. But now I don’t have time anymore. I still have to write my diary. But I have to experience something first, so I can write something in my diary. And then I still have to grin into my mistress camera once or twice.