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My dear fans,

I would like to apologize to you very much for not being able to get any further with my translations. But I am only the author who writes the diaries and my mistress has to translate them.
Unfortunately my mistress is quite lame and not as fast as I would like to be and there are so many languages. I don’t know where I should get her started first.
I push her wherever I can, but she says, unfortunately it is not faster.
Anyway, we’re working on it like crazy. And I, I have to experience new things every day, which I can write down, so that we have something to translate.
But if you want to read my diaries in your language and your mistress is not yet further along with that, then just let me know.
We will see to it that we primarily consider my diaries in your language.
Thanks for your understanding for my lame mistress. I don’t understand. But I only have this one mistress, who I can let do my work.

Best regards