Children and youth


Mistress has also written books for young people and children. She can do that because she was once a child and she was young once. I can’t imagine that, but she showed me pictures and claimed that this was her. Well … anyone can say that …

But she says she hasn’t forgotten how it feels to be a child and a young person and so she thinks she can write something like that. Well, they are read, her books for children and young people and she has even received positive five-star ratings for them. I don’t understand, but it’s like this. And if the royalties go into my pudding account, then that’s just fine with me. Then you can read your mistress‘ books, too. Because reading is fun. Even if there are no pictures of me in them.

My mistress has written the history of a boarding school and horse books … and she has written about how a bitch plays practical jokes in dog heaven and gets to know the seven dwarves and Frau Holle and all the things she experiences with them and then it starts to snow on earth when she rages with Frau Holle. I find that very funny. The book is called „Deika on cloud 7“. Here’s the story. Look:

I’d like her to read me from it.

Then mistress has invented a funny bear family. These are the dancing bears. And the book is called „Dancing Bear Stories“. I find the stories quite funny, too. Much nicer than her adult stories and especially than the textbooks. I think she should write more along these lines. But she’d have to use our computer more often. And I need it much more urgently.

And Mistress has also written a ghost story. It’s called „Casimir the Chateau Ghost“. I like that too.

She invented the Casi because her mistress also does children’s dancing and sometimes it just doesn’t work out because a child is sick or has to learn for school and when she dances the dances with them and she doesn’t have a dancing partner, then the children were always very sad that her mistress doesn’t have a dancing partner and then she told them that she does have Casimir. From then on all the children always argued about who was allowed to dance with Casi and it was not bad at all if one of them didn’t have a dancing partner because everyone wanted to dance with Casimir.

So now you know what my mistress has written in this direction and what I like very much.