West Coast Swing


The West Coast Swing is a fascinating dance that can be danced to any music. No matter if rock, pop, hiphop, blues, waltz music, rock’n roll and is therefore definitely one of the most versatile dances.

The most important rule in West Coast Swing is: There is no right or wrong. The West Coast Swing is relatively free of rules. However, there are many aids that make it very easy to dance together.

The West Coast Swing belongs to the family of Swing dances. The dance originated in the 1920’s on the west coast of the United States and was especially popular in California. The West Coast Swing originated from Lindy Hop and has further impacts of Shag, Jitterbug, Houston Whip and also Balboa.
It was mostly danced in narrow places like bars. Frequent changes of partners are common in West Coast Swing. At competitions partners are drawn in the Jack ’n Jill system and not the dancing couple is judged but the individual dancer.
The dance area of a dance couple is called „slot“. You can think of it as a slot of a coin-operated machine or a slot as a slot to extend an electronic device, especially a personal computer. You have an elongated surface on which you move.

In West Coast Swing we do not normally speak of the gentleman and the lady, we distinguish here between leader and follower, but they are assigned to the gentleman or the lady.

These books do not replace dance lessons. They should only be a reminder or help you to understand the dance and the figures.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of West Coast Swing and let this dance enchant you. Each figure is explained step by step in an understandable way.