Line Dance


Line dances are danced in line dance, as well as in senior dance, single dances and dancing without a partner. Here it is completely irrelevant how big a dance group is. They can be danced equally in small and large groups.

Block dances are group dances in which the dancers stand in several rows. They developed in the 20th century partly from show dancing.

And the best of block dances: You don’t need a partner. You can also learn them all by yourself.

Not having a dancing partner is no reason not to dance. Block dances are excellent for this.

But what are block dances actually?

Usually an author has developed a choreography especially for exactly one interpretation of a music title.

One of the most famous block dances is „My little red book“.

The song „My little red book“ was recorded in 1965 by Manfred Mann for the film „What’s New Pussycat“ with Romy Schneider and Woody Allen in the leading roles.
In 1966 the song became a hit of the Los Angeles based group „Love“ and reached number 52 in the US charts.
The song was also recorded by other groups. For example in 1968 by The Beach Boys in their album „Friends“, by Bebe Buell, Pandora’s Box and in 2017 by Tommy Turtone. Dee Musk choreographed the dance.

When you enter a dance floor to learn a new choreography, you create something out of nothing. Before you walk onto the floor, nothing existed. Something is only created when you start with 1, 2, 3, 4 or quick, quick, slow and the first step. Then you create a whole new fascinating world together with your dance group. Especially if you are a big group and you have to rehearse a block dance and one of you has to pay attention to the other one, in the end it is a very special feeling of success for everyone in the team.

Immerse yourself in the world of dance and let yourself be fascinated!

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