Bibliografie englisch

Of course Mistress and I have a thing too. A whatsit… That’s a difficult word. A bibliothings biblio… biblio… bibliography. Exactly! A bibliography is what me and Frauli have.

A bibliography is a list of all books written by an author.

You could also say a directory is that. So a listing of all books.

There are many different bibliographies.

There are specialized bibliographies, in which all books that exist on a certain topic are listed.

There are special bibliographies, which list all the books that exist on a more narrowly defined topic of a subject. So if Mistress writes a dance book about a certain dance, then you can put that in there. If she makes a book about many dances, then you can put that into a special bibliography.

Then there are personnel bibliographies, which we have. Mistress and I. There’s only books by Mistress and me. So my bibliography says everything I’ve written and Mistress bibliography says everything she’s written. I’ve written more books than her, so mine’s longer. Much longer.

Then there’s the annotated bibliography. These are also called analytical bibliographies and they not only contain content and publication data but also information about the content. So that would be, if I would write at the end what I have experienced in my diaries. But I don’t do that, because that’s what it says.

And then there are hidden bibliographies. That’s funny. I have hidden bibliographies, too. If Miss prints my bibliography, I can hide it very well. I’m a good bibliodrama hider! But she says it has a different meaning. She showed me this. They are in books, if an author has used something from other books and researched from it, then he writes the books he has read to write his book in the back. But I don’t need to read books to write anything. That’s why I have my hidden bibliographies only under the cupboard and under the desk.

There. Now you know your way around, don’t you?

I’m going to ask Miss to print out a bibliography for me, so I can hide it.